1. When will my order be shipped?

Our turnaround times may vary depending on time of year, or if we're running a large sale. Please visit this page for more information on turnaround times.

2. What are the requirements for uploaded files?

We can print PDF, SVG, PNG, or JPEG files. Please ensure that your files are high resolution (vector files and 300dpi raster are preferred) and do NOT have a white background (unless desired). All files will be printed as-is.

3. How do I press my DTF transfers?

Our recommended pressing procedure is 300°F for 10-13 seconds. A second press for 5-7 seconds may give your transfer a softer feel on the garment.

4. How should I store my DTF transfers?

The best way to store your transfers is in a cool, dry place with no exposure to sunlight. Heat and humidity could cause discoloration or issues when heat pressing.

5. How can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel or refund an order, please email our support team at support@rolledupprinting.com